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An open message to Dr. Paul Kemp


Dr. Paul Kemp, I’ve been highly skeptical of your efforts and I think I’ve made that clear when you’ve posted here in the past. Try to understand that there have been many many disappointments and even outright frauds perpetrated on myself and other bald persons. Please keep that in mind when it comes to my past aloofness towards your efforts.

After some time, I’ve decided that you really involved in a good faith to treat hair loss and I regret my past aloofness towards your efforts.

I would be cool with having you store some of my hair cells and I would be cool with contributing towards your efforts if I resided in the UK but I’m in America. I’m not totally comfortable with having someone in America harvest some grafts from the back of my head in America and then send them to you in the UK for safe storage. I would like to do it and I would like to help with your efforts to treat hair loss but the idea of having my plugs harvested and transported all the way to the UK is disturbing because I worry about the plugs to being damaged or dying during transit from America to UK.

Please respond.