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An open Idea


After seeing our vice president tonight I have an idea for any doctor/clinic on this site. Why not have a clinic fix the vice-presidents transplants? This would be the best advertisement for any clinic. We would really see if any Doctor is up for the challenge. The main problem would be approaching him. Perhaps a letter to one of his staff members would be best. His frontal frame is good but the back is absolutely awful. It really does not look right to be so bald in the crown & is a disservice to the industry. Even a small dusting of grafts would be helpful. Is this how people want their transplants to look after everything is done? I think he may still have a bit of donor and would look more complete if he had more work done. Does it not give the industry a bad name? It would make the public believe more in this industry also wouldn’t it? I look forward to any responses on this.


His hair doesn’t look that bad, did he really have hair transplant? It looks like he is just going bald naturally.


The question is does he want to have another procedure? Some are happy with having hair in the front and not the back.

Also, him being the Vice President can he afford the down time after a procedure?


NO his hair looks great! He can be a model for Hair tranplants. Yes he had them look up pictures from the 1980’s. The pics can look ok but watch him in certain lighting and angles on tv. Some look fair others look awful. I do not think anyone will take up my offer to repair him and that speaks volumes.


» His hair doesn’t look that bad, did he really have hair transplant? It
» looks like he is just going bald naturally.

You’re right, he dont look that bad.

When the Vice President of the U.S. is shilling for a HT doctor I think its time to move. At least let the guy get out of office first.

I remember how bald Lou Henson was when he was coach of the Fighting Illini, but then he retired to New Mexico (where I believe he also coached) and he wore what we called the “Lou Do”, which was a bad combover. Now he has a full head of hair in retirement.

Biden has more important issues to worry about then sprinkling in a few grafts. :frowning:


I agree he does not look that bad & I like the guy. He has good morals but IMO it just does not look that great. Only My opinion thats all. When someone says good or bad it is an opinion. At least it does not look like it did in the 80’s.:expressionless: