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Alvi Armani Clinic - 6,873 graft FUE result - Home video of result


Alvi Armani Clinic - 6,873 graft FUE result - Home video of result

This patient had two sessions to restore his entire head of hair with FUE at the Alvi Armani Clinic:

Session 1: 3,480 Grafts FUE with Dr. Armani
Session 2: 3,393 Grafts FUE with Dr. Baubac
Total: 6,873 grafts FUE

Home video of result and total transformation is below:


I swear I have seen this guy’s photos before, why recycling old results?


This patient was kind enough to take a home video of his result under different lighting for people to see.

There are lots of reasons to share it:

  1. People ask all the time for updates on results
  2. In this industry it is rare to get unbiased videos of results. This is a home video taken in all different kinds of lighting - it is rare to get such an unbiased view of a full restoration
  3. There aren’t a ton of 6,500+ graft FUE only results where the entire head of hair is restored front to back with a full hairline and complete restoration.

There is nothing wrong with sharing this updated video of his result in the forum with the community.

I would think a veteran of the forums such as yourself would appreciate such a raw and unbiased video taken by the patient himself in different lighting helpmeout. As always thank you for your comments and for viewing.


comparison photos 6,873 grafts FUE


Curious about something. Did this patient use hair gel in the video? The front looks somewhat patchy.

Hes had 2 procedures. Which doctor did the 1st procedure and what area on the scalp was worked on?


Yes, his hair is gelled in that video. Here are photos with his hair dry and a video of him explaining his procedures


The hair is so thinned out on the sides it does not look natural when you see the thickness in the front.


He keep his hair short on the sides, of course it will appear thinner on the sides when it is buzzed down, just like with anyone else.