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All the home experiments willl fail miserably

» people who are not retards who know how to google can easily find numerous
» websites supporting what i stated

Google? You’re posting Google search results to back up technical assertions? You’re posting mom and pop web sites, sites who are peddling snake oil, etc.? BAHHHAAAAHHAAAHA!

Hey idiot, try posting some real references. You know, data published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Not Google crap. LOL. Christ, you’re a moron.

Salt and milk causes hair loss. HAHAHHHA! This is the kind of goofball we’re dealing with. This is every bit as retarded as that jerkoff who says plucking body hair restores scalp hair growth by redirecting nutrients. Why oh why do hair loss sites attract the biggest unstable goofballs in society?

Tomorrow’s news headlines:

“Pervert who moved to Thailand discovers cure for baldness that has alluded mankind for thousands of years – says must stop drinking milk.”

Lastly, here’s an actual medical reference to something we’ve been talking about recently…Lgr5.

Nat Genet. 2008 Oct 12. [Epub ahead of print]

Lgr5 marks cycling, yet long-lived, hair follicle stem cells.

In mouse hair follicles, a group of quiescent cells in the bulge is believed to have stem cell activity. Lgr5, a marker of intestinal stem cells, is expressed in actively cycling cells in the bulge and secondary germ of telogen hair follicles and in the lower outer root sheath of anagen hair follicles. Here we show that Lgr5(+) cells comprise an actively proliferating and multipotent stem cell population able to give rise to new hair follicles and maintain all cell lineages of the hair follicle over long periods of time. Lgr5(+) progeny repopulate other stem cell compartments in the hair follicle, supporting the existence of a stem or progenitor cell hierarchy. By marking Lgr5(+) cells during trafficking through the lower outer root sheath, we show that these cells retain stem cell properties and contribute to hair follicle growth during the next anagen. Expression analysis suggests involvement of autocrine Hedgehog signaling in maintaining the Lgr5(+) stem cell population.

PMID: 18849992 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

“Pervert who moved to Thailand discovers cure for baldness that has alluded mankind for thousands of years – says must stop drinking milk.”

“alluded”?? WTF is that supposed to mean in that context?

i think you mean “eluded”.

just shows you are what i thought you are – a transparent pseudointellectual posing as someone with a brain.

you are really lame. AND a failure at grammar and english vocabulary.


allude: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/allude

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