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Alkaline Diet


Has anyone here tried going to great extremes to turn his body’s pH alkaline? I’m curious whether the answer to stopping hair loss is as simple as this. Allow me to explain.

DHT, like all free radicals, is acidic. Therefore, one way to neutralize the damaging affects would be to make the body alkaline. Another way is to take anti-oxidant suppliments and eat lots of raw foods which are naturally high in anti-oxidants. Cooking food can turn alkaline foods acidic so it’s best to eat as much raw food as possible. Even though fruits are acidic, they turn alkaline in our stomachs. A third way is to get a water ionizer. Ionic water is one of the newest (and possibly most powerful) way to turn the body alkaline.

It’s been said that an alkaline body is the key to curing cancer. Can the prevention of hair loss be just this simple? I wish I had known about this when I just started losing my hair because I would certainly try it. I remember having a lot of acid indigestion when I was younger and my father did too (and guess who else is bald in my family). My older brother never had that problem and he’s got all his hair to this day.

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*HairSite - I’m re-posting this in the All Natural forum, but I’m leaving this here because I think it’s important for everyone to know.


Another way to turn the blood alkaline is fasting.

Intermittent fasting prevents or inhibits all sorts of aging processes and I’ve heard claims that hairloss is among them.


Very ibteresting post but it seems that posting interesting health alternatives gets the message deleted.


I have heard about this before. And it seems interesting but:

Is there any scientific documentation to demonstrate this? I mean, not an study of a company involved in commercialice the product, something like pubmed, nature, etc…