Alert : Propecia / Dut Users

I’ve been using DUT for about 10 years, holding results. Before that I used Propecia probably for 3 years. No regrowth, no loss.

Here the news today :

The propecia site has been taken down :

[ was going to : Organon | Products list ]

I’ve read the study which i think they’re referring to.

It has a mixed result.

In the case of people who already had prostate cancer, it increased the risk for further development of it. In the case of people who didn’t have prostate cancer and who were below a certain age, it actually reduced that risk.

The number affected were very small however and not statistically significant so I’m not reading much into it.

The was for propecia, don’t know about Dutasteride.

old news, i am taking my chances on this, at least for now.