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Alecbaldone still alive after 10 months Indo/Chromo

Men, All is well with me, hair loss still halted but no noticeable regrowth. I have been on the Indomethacin and Chromoglycate for 10 months, no sides. I am searching for a growth booster and I feel like my vellus hairs are as long and thick as they are going to get, so I need a growth stimulator. So far I am still happy with my results of chromo/Indo stopping hair loss. Alec

Hi alec, after three months of using Indo/Chromo from ID I’m thinking about giving up. It was working great and stopped my hair loss in next to no time but I’m shedding again now. Also, my scalp is really itchy, I can barely stand it anymore.

my scalp is a little itchy also, but I never did shed so I am continueing to use it.

Congrats on your maintained halting of hairloss alec. Definitely let us know when you stumble on a good growth stimulator. Im hoping that indo/chromo, while helping with halting the loss, isnt somehow interfering with regrowth.

There were a number of studies that showed mast cells to be important in initiating anagen phase in the follicles. Hopefully the indo/chromo isnt halting the mast cells enough to block your vellous from regrowing.

And wally: try some pure organic aloe gel for that itchy scalp! The closest I could find to 100% organic/pure is aubreys aloe gel. I think it should help you.

I was concerned that would be the case, but my normal hairs are growing as good as ever and very healthy. It is the top scalp and hairline that is the problem but vellus is heavy there. AB

Hey Alec, glad to hear your maintaining brotha, have you experimented with microneedling at all?

I have read about microneedling and wounding and this is interesting to me. I guess the idea is to get the scalp to produce growth factors that will raise our chance of growing hair. I may try this next if I can not find a proper growth factor for sale.

Thats good that your existing hair is still strong and healthy.

I hope that the amount of mast cells required for your existing hair would be the same as trying to revive a follicle. I was thinking there might be a difference in the amount of mast cell activity needed at this level to generate new growth. Hopefully I am wrong.

thanks for all the updates alec

Hi alec, just want to make a little update too.
For my part I totally stopped the indo/chromo, i’m sure that pgd2 has something to deal with mpb, but at this day and especially from iron dragon website, we have any data about it, like the half life of the drug, we don’t know if the drug degrades in the time, or is the vehicul is the good one…
I’m convinced that your results alec are 98% thanks to dutasteride, wich is a POWERFUL weapon against mbp when it works fine.

just FYI I am also targeting PGD2 (using OC, see my HLT thread) and been on it for 5 months, shed is down to zero. So while I used to shed every single summer now (knocking on wood!) we’re past the summer and I am still standing (or they are).

I am surprised you experience itch, I think it is the vehicle, for me OC has COMPLETELY stopped the annoying itch. Also skin is clearer less sebum.

I think that is the cause of my itch, less sebum. all is going well for me otherwise, no shedding. Alec

alec, a while ago, I suggested using home-based microdermabrasion to simulate wounding. I think kits like Neutrogena Microdermabrasion system are ideal for this. Why haven’t you given that a try?

I bought a dermaroller and tried it for a few weeks but it was cumbersome to use and I just stopped using it. Im waiting to see if someone develops fgf9 that we can apply. Alec

unopened Iron Dragon Indo and Chromo for sale at a fraction of the price, selling as it doesn’t agree with my skin:

Alec, you are using dutasteride as well?

I didnt know this…

I am currently using Duteristeride along with Chromoglycate and Indomethacin. I plan to use all 3 until year end. Same report here, hair loss stop, no regrowth, and very healthy normal hair. Alec

Alec: any news to report?

Nothing new, I look the same, normal horseshoe hair area is very healthy and hair loss stopped. We need this magic formula to start regrowth since my combo of Chromoglycate, Indomethacin, Duteresteride and Minoxidil only produced peach fuzz.

However u should drop duta off in order to see if indo+chromo works

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