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After hair transplant in Turkey, patient seeks repair with Hasson & Wong

This is part 1 of a 3 part series documenting a patient’s journey seeking repair sessions with Hasson & Wong after having unsatisfactory results with his hair transplant in Turkey.

Patient’s original intention was to save money by having the procedure done in Turkey, but ended up getting more than he bargained for, costing him a lot more money, time and agony in order to fix the problem.

The hair transplant procedure in Turkey left him with a thin, pluggy hairline, rounded temple points, scarring and misdirected grafts.

The patient then approached Hasson & Wong for a repair procedure to fix the problem. Dr. Hasson removed 95 misdirected and misplaced grafts in his temporal angles, and added 2000-graft FUE to rebuild his hairline and frontal zone.

The new hairline that Dr. Hasson created for him is a lot more natural, perfectly framing his face and giving him an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

When it comes to hair restoration, it is very important to do your research. Hair transplants are being marketed like a commodity these days, and many patients are enticed by the lure of falling prices that unfortunately come with downward spiraling quality in many instances.

To learn more about this patient result or other cutting edge hair restoration technologies, visit https://www.hassonandwong.com , call 1–800–859–2266 (toll free in US and Canada) 604–739–4247 (local in Vancouver, Canada) or email

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6 months post op

1 year post op, final result

Question for @hairsite - In the first video @ 1.46 we see techs working on grafts using full sized microscopes and again at @ 2.53 when the patient mentions the FUE procedure. Are full sized microscopes used in Hasson and Wong’s FUE procedures?


They do. Any top tier FUT clinic that eventually made the move to FUE will be using their microscopes as they’re the best ones to recognize the benefits of such tools for the final result.

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Thanks Joe!