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After 150days. (2640grafts)


I had hair transplantation surgery last Nov. 11 by Dr.ruby
Attached are my hair pictures which are taken about 150days past after surgery.
left part is not grown comparing with center and right part.
And… Look! Both Sides(left and right side)has very funny hairline
I’m very worried and nervous about it.

  1. large left portion is very little hair growing
  2. Both sides hairline has unbalance



Dear Carmela,
Its too early to expect full growth at this stage.
Do not worry. It usually takes 12 months to see the full result.

The hairline is deliberately feathered and made irregular. That adds to the naturalness. A straight line does not look natural specially in patients with thick calibre coarse hair.

A lower hairline as marked by you on the above pictures would require more grafts and would differ from the hairline marked at the start of your HT.
Give it time, as all the hair grow, I am sure you will be happy.


Carmela, I have to agree, things are looking on track for 5 months. Things are going to change a lot over the next 7 to 9 months…


“It usually takes 12 months to see the full result.”

Maybe, maybe not, but if at 6 months post op if one doesn’t see any growth from where grafts were placed, from my expereince, with perhaps some rare cases, there will not be any growth.