African American, 1200 graft FUE-SFET -9months

Patient is African American who underwent 1200 graft SFET/FUE surgery at my clinic 9 months ago.

Before: Patient is unable to cut his hair any shorter as it would reveal his significant frontal thinning.

Before: With a short hair cut, significant frontal thinning shows

9 Months later with a uniformly short hair cut:


9 Months


9 Months

Donor Immediately after

9 Months:

The Surgery:

Immediate post Extraction of 1200 grafts


S. Umar, M.D., FAAD
DermHair Clinic
Redondo Beach, California
1-877-DERMHAIR (US residents)
Single Follicule Extraction & Transfer (SFET)
Using Head and Body hair

For more SFET-FUE and BHT results go to

very nice results !

» very nice results !

yeah,I have to agree.



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