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Admin please REMOVE SNAKE OIL\' THREAD for outrageous Bald Ass guy grows hair




See what I mean? You can never just stick with something :lol2:

It matters not how ppl found out about the money thing. It’s like with anything- if you find something sleazy or questionable about someone/something- you post about it.

You don’t give someone a pass just because somebody else had to point it out to you.

See my previous responses to those 2…no need to repeat it all.


hi jacob its not about sticking to something because i have been as said before many years on finasteride which was for my hair loss and now dutasteride which i did try a while ago for two years and now have to be on it due to other problems.
As to spectral and polaris you mention, what to say they are not a con because reading many posts i have not seen much success with any of them and also some of the stuff you have mentioned on other sites also have had no success.
So why you go for what i am trialing because we have seen someone regrow what i call quite a bit of hair im not sure.
I myself am not sure this treatment will do anything for me although in certain light i have said i see very small light colour hairs appearing gives me a bit of hope but my age may now be against me as kevin is very young.
But im doing this because for one i got inspired by that video because to be fair them pictures are not in anyway blurred images they are better than some i have seen for other so called regrowth products?
This is interesting that you say i do not stick to any treatments but reading your posts put doubts in my mind about kevins treatment and thinking about this i thought why is he doing this only to come back time and again to say i do not stick to anything how do you know that?
I as many do have got drawn into various products as you keep posting about at hlf and have you regrown any hair on your regrime?
I do like you jacob but you do always have to have the last say but lets keep it that im using my products up which is scalpmed with how made benonite clay twice a week some biotin orals and silica with hairmax comb i already had.
But i am scepticle much will help me at my age but if it does grow a small amount of hair i will be happy and you guys should be too.
Please do not turn this into a slamming match as if it does nothing for me i only have myself to blame.:clap:


Why do I say you don’t stick to anything…because you don’t :lol2: You’re not the only one doing that…but it just makes sense to stick to something for up to a year…or SOMEthing.

As for “we have seen someone regrow what i call quite a bit of hair”…no, we have not. Please read my other posts here.


Why do many not stick to treatments is problable that its the forums maybe to blame in some ways as we keep looking for that treatment that may do something and companies out there keep bringing something to the market which are usually naturals or unproven or even trialed in humans drugs which as we know may risk out health and thats the truth of it.
If only propecia and minox were the only things said to work fot mpb and other forms of alopecia we would not be trying to find that miracle cure.
Will we ever find a cure im not so sure due to the complex nature of the human body thats why minox works on some and not others but to be fair how many out there went out and bought neogenic only to find they had payed a lot for 2 or 3 months of products only to look at various forums where many have said it did nothing for them.
This then loses your confidence and messies with you mind and you think this was a total waste of my money so why bother to use it and you are stuck with the product or you throw it in the bin.
You see if we see pictures of a treatment where there are lots of people getting some regrowth even if they are from a company and with smed there are loads of young and older that seem to have some success then it does give you an incentive to carry on on the othe hand if you are a loan wolf and use something that after a few months nothing happens then your confidence is down.
We know that proven products like minox which say you can see regrowth at 5% in only 3 months then smed which as said does have lots of people pictures which many other minox products do not gives us some hope.
I have been trying to find divine skin spectral and polaris and other minox product pictures of regrowth and cannot find any.
There are one or two with pictures but not as many testomonials as smed so although many may say its a sc*m im sure not all can be but time will tell on me as i will as said tell the truth if it does not satisfy me i will say so.


Well i have had to relent as i can no longer use smed which some will be happy with as its caused so many sore spots on my scalp which im sure maybe the propglycol in the product which is why i could not stand rogain for.
So after just over a month the greasy nature of this product has defeated me which is a shame as i wanted to carry on until used i do think that anyone considering any product make sure you find out if it contains the ingredience i mentioned as i also found some othet minox products the same exceipt regaine foam, we know we can get a less greasy formula but i was told that the prop glycol is supposed to aid the minox to stay on scalp for a while.
So jacob i also got pimples from capillogain so had to stop this hair loss lark is a pain the only product with minoxidil which felt good on the scalp was maxogain 5% which has added zinc and copper peptides even spectral irritated my scalp.


The small tiny hairs appearing maybe due to the 3 weeks change in meds avodart 0.5mgs a day i will still use the oral biotin and silica plus some other vits.
Also using scalp roller which i already had with the hairmax laser comb so no need to spend anymore money until i run out of maxogain what i fail to beleave is the greasy nature of some products which make the hair loss look a lot worse you wash your hair and scalp and apply a oil like lotion to a nice clean scalp it made me feel dirty and itchy.


Sounds like you need to try one of those pg-free minox products.

Back to Youtube testimonials…ppl should get excited over this if they’re excited over what was discussed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6nME8qDJT8

And no…I’m not excited.

And yes…I still have to update my regimen below…or just take it out :cool:


hi jacob so are you going to try hairbooster soon it seems ok if you can leave out minoxidil i will go to the site and take a look.
Have you grown any new hair with your regrime and what norwood are you now from beginning.


Hi jacob had a look at there site apparently this product has been out a while and called another name in europe biodroga md hair force energizing i am wondering why its not hardly been mentioned before is it another snake oil? according to there site after six months its better than minoxidil if this is true then it would be great.
I can buy it from a german site and also from us but as said its a different name but same ingredience the only thing is its not widely available which means in uk we would have to pay a customs charge so to buy it two months treatment would be in uk pounds £141 plus a customs charge when in uk.
So it may be about £153 when the charge is on so thats about £73 a month and if you use more the first few months may be more but its not too bad if it works?


Hi i just had a reply from company in germany and they told me if i want to order biodroga energizing serum and shampoo i will not have to pay a customs charge as we are part of europe union.


Has anyone tried renokin as that was supposed to be a good product but nothing came of it only a few people tried it.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by tinytim[/postedby]
hi jacob so are you going to try hairbooster soon it seems ok if you can leave out minoxidil i will go to the site and take a look.
Have you grown any new hair with your regrime and what norwood are you now from beginning.[/quote]

No. That’s why I said- I’m not excited.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by tinytim[/postedby]
Has anyone tried renokin as that was supposed to be a good product but nothing came of it only a few people tried it.[/quote]

Some have…but did they stick with it…

This new one contains it…but if you find a source for it please let me know :wink: It’s to be mixed with one of their other products…from what I gather.

Well actually I’m going to start a new thread on it…this thread needs to die.
It’s here: http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/forum_entry-id-121698-page-0-order-time-descasc-DESC-category-3.html