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Admin.. Harassment Again.. Please Read

Admin, I know you said you would take care of this person called nomeds from harassing me. But he CONTINUES to harass me NON-STOP. Hes harassing me and I feel on edge. I dont want to contact law enforcement since I dont know if they’ll do something about this or not. But I seriously feel threatened and harassed like crazy by this sick individual to the point where I feel I should test the law.

I implore you to seriously stop him from harassing me. This is my fave site. I contribute to this site by helping others and giving my truthful opinion to ensure people’s safety in their time of need even if it means that others may strongly disagree. My opinion is only opinion, not dogma. I dont harass or troll anyone. To me its childish.

All I ask is that you notify him to stop his harassment which makes me including others uncomfortable and disruptive in an otherwise informative site. This is not a site to bother and insult people. It seems hes mocking your authority by intentionally refusing to obey you and your rules. Below is his latest harassment to me. Would appreciate swift action.