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ACell – Dr. Jerry Cooley’s Presentation at the 2010 ISHRS meeting (summarized)


Maybe to get a better picture and understanding of the following slide/video presentation (Part 1 – 4) …


… in addition, there is written recap of that presentation also available:



November 10 2010, 2:57 pm PT

Dr. Rassman posted a separate article on his blog concerning his initially made statement about Dr. Cooley’s “less than 50%” success rate on Autocloning, in an (fishy) effort to clarify his initially comment.

Anyway, I like @Frank’s comment on Rassman’s blog to this new article:

Frank - November 10th, 2010 at 4:42 pm

Thanks Doc for the response. I felt you were marginalizing the extent of Dr. Cooley’s research - and the breakthrough itself - at the time, but I see that this is now not the case. I do wish you luck with your own autocloning research.

@Frank, if you read this …
How could you ever assume that Dr. Rassman “were marginalizing” the research of any other doctors, where his name is not imprinted on it ???

Yet, Dr. Rassman CAN’T “marginalize” such comments, because … because … I think you know the answer …