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About dermal roller + minoxidil


Hi all,
over a year ago there was a thread about dermal roller. At that time they were extremly expensive but now that the price is low I am considering buying one.

Has anyone used a dermal roller with minoxidil? Any results?

A couple of internet sites with dermal rollers (I have nothing to do with them):
http://www.acuneeds.com/products/equip.aspx?area=Equip&cat=EDR&code=DROLLJM (not sure if this roller has needles or it is just for massage or something).


Hi all again,

I think I have made a mistake. The dermal roller with micro-needles are much more expensive. The cost around 87€ which is in my opinion very expensive for a piece of plastic with needles.

Anyway, anyone has experience with this?