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Aaand my post is gone!


David you delete my post in MMAGUYS’s thread because I mention something negative ALTHOUGH FACTUAL regarding Dr Armani??? I even commented MMA on his work but NOPE it’s all GONE!!

What kind of jackoff forum are you running here? Does it protect YOU and YOUR ADVERTISERS best interests ONLY? Or do you even give a rats ass about the prospective patients who come here expecting unaltered information?

You know, we(INCLUDING YOU)tell guys to do their research, yet when they actually do the right thing by coming to places like this, YOU BLOCK CERTAIN PERTINENT INFORMATION. LIKE WTF??? What do these people have to do to get ALLLLL THE INFORMATION?? Get a concience man, these are people’s lives being affected here…

I think people researching Armani have a right to know that he’s been busted for exchanging free grafts for cheerleading on the forums for him, whether the results are good or bad, (which happen to be mostly bad regarding FUE). Thats kind of a big deal DONT YOU THINK?

Why dont you just be honest and tell us that you STRAIGHT UP hide sh*t from readers here to protect your advertisers, even though its MISLEADING and can steer them into a detrimental situation…


David, I really hope you think about this post and think about what you are doing everytime you delete someone’s post that is posting truthful information for the benefit of others…

Oh and now since I had to make a new thread regarding this matter, as to not hijack MMA’s thread, it makes it appear that i have some “agenda” right??? Well if you would have left my post alone it would have not been a big deal. Now im just out to disrupt the forum right??? This crap is getting so old…


Don’t worry we all read about Armani not getting the promised density and then not fulfilling his promises.

But people have short term memories.