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A111- (B/A pictures) Hair Transplant in stages- Dr. A\'s Clinic


A111-(nickname) - Hair Transplant in stages- Dr. A’s Clinic

Details of patient:

  1. Extreme hairloss (NW7)

  2. High skin hair color contrast

  3. Limited donor hair

  4. Hair transplant in stages

Before picture

Graft details:
Total no of grafts= 855 FUSE/fue

Head= 731
Beard= 108
Chest= 16

After pictures


Dear forum readers,
This is one of the challenging cases I have come across in my career.
His severe donor limitation made it one.

The 4th/last picture is from follow up after his 2nd session.

He has since undergone further transplants and is happy with the results. I will locate and upload the pictures in coming weeks.

Dr. A