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A transplant can ruin our chances with HM?

Hair Cloning
Wednesday, February 21. 2007
Appearance of cloned hair

Q: Considering cell cultivation is made possible how could their injection create a normal formation of hair on the scalp and can they induce hair growth also in scarred areas where previously hair stopped growing?

A: That is the question. It is not known if these induced follicles will resemble normal hairs, and be cosmetically acceptable on their own, or if they will grow unruly and must be used as a filler behind more aesthetically pleasing transplanted hair. Hair growth is an interaction between the dermal components (fibroblasts in the dermal sheath and dermal papillae) and the epidermal structures. It is possible that the injected dermal fibroblasts will interact with resident epithelial cells to produce a properly oriented hair. A tunnel of epithelial cells can also be created to facilitate this process and some researchers are using cultures of both dermal and epithelial cells. As you suggest, part of the challenge is not just to multiply the hair but to find a way for the hair to grow in its proper orientation. With scar tissue, the task will obviously be much more difficult.

Transplanting follicles to the recipient area creates scar tissue as well doesnt it?..it could be we might ruin our chances for a good result if we decide for a transplant, as the transplanted areas could make the growth of the multiplies cells more difficult. I took this from bernsteins website.

Please someone correct me if i am wrong…

2 things:

  1. Intercytex doesn’t seem to think HTs will “prevent” successful HM. But I assume they mean that you can have a strip scar in the permanent zone with HM on top and a trad’l HT hairline up front.

  2. Scar tissue is a concern of mine for HM. Just my theory – but I suspect HM will be more successful in tissue that does NOT have fibrosis. Finasteride seems to reduce/prevent fibrosis. See: http://sciencelinks.jp/j-east/article/200614/000020061406A0462924.php


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