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A problem with AAPE

  • Fir phase 1 the company only accepted test subjects who are 4, 5, 6, or 7 on the Hamilton hair loss scale:


  • Plus at another site guys are saying that the company recently added new clinical trial sites. Keep in mind that phase 2 is done recruiting so if the company really has added new clinical sites AFTER recruitment for phase 2 closed that most likely means that the new clinical trial sites would be in anticipation of phase 3 trials. I have asked the guys who are saying that the company recently added new clinical trial sites to post a link to that information. I’ll let you know if someone posts a link to this information.

A few people have posted and said that they are in the trials. One of them posted that one of the nurses told him she is NOT seeing new growth on any of the patients.

Stay tuned.




Why is it “great” that one of the nurses told a subject that she is not seeing regrowth on any of the patients? That sounds like bad news to me.


Don’t want to have to spell it out literally to anyone here, Jarjar, but yes, it looks like bad news.

Not very surprising to me if you read up on just how unbelievably complex Wnt pathways are and how closely mixed up Wnt is with triggering many different types of cancer. It is kind of shocking that they even got this far, and successfully were approved to run trials of a Wnt-related drug for hair loss… but as I said, it may be something that was approved already for some other use (sort of like an “orphan” drug which was approved but doesn’t really have a wide practical use… there are many of these.) In that case, it may be something that is a very weak inducer of the Wnt pathway (in this case, “weak” may be equated with “safe” because it doesn’t have a powerful effect.) If that’s so, its very weakness is probably the exact reason it is not growing hair.

Anyway, like I said, I guess we’ll see for sure in October, but I’m not holding my breath…