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A New Idea


Hi David: I am relatively new to forums but have a great idea. On the surgical hair transplant forums why not require every Doctor on this site to submit pictures -before,4,8 & 12 month results from every single patient they operate on. This will enable the public to see more results from all patients. I was told long ago that Many doctors only post the " Good results ". This would require more honesty from all Doctors. If they are reluctant to do so then one would assume they are hiding something. Also it should be required to show donor site photos before and after surgeries. Realistic results seem to be shown by most doctors but we all know for a fact they do not show every patient. Imagine then we would get a much better realism of hair transplants. Now that would be great and innovative. Just a thought. It may require a new job for someone to travel to every doctors offices to ensure that this were being done. In my experiance I personally only trust Dr Woods because my situation was so badly disfigured that he was honest enough to state to me that I would be improved but he could not guarantee how improved. Now that is honesty. He is to be commended for it. I will finish my surgeries in late sept/early oct of this year -2008. I am seeing improvement already but not ready for photos yet. Thanks for a great site and let me know of your thoughts–Diamond6/Daniel.


I think it’s a great idea. At one time I was trying to encourage doctors to do that, but I didn’t get a lot of support back then. Let’s try again and see if things have changed this time around.