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A liitle foto documentation about the next weeks after HT


Hi, everybody,

I think, some guys are interested to see some pictures about the receipient area and also the donor area, the days after surgery. So you can see the healing process and you can also imagine, how you look after 2 weeks, if you have to go outside.
I have documented from the day after until the 15th day after. My surgery was on the 2nd of June 2009.
I am a non smoker and I believe, also a man with quick healing process.
I had no problems until yet with inflammation or pimbles, so I am satisfied.
Now I am waiting impatiently for the new hair to come. But normally, you can’t see anything until the 12th week after HT. That means only 2 weeks. Will give you some updates, if I can see something.


Who told you that you will start seeing regrowth after 12 weeks? I think it takes much longer.


Great documentation Ernst! Your previous work look great shaved down, very nice density.

readyfreddy, I got good growth at just 12 weeks. We all grow at different rates. Some guys don’t see anything for5 months. I was an early grower.


At 12 weeks you might start to see some early growth, but that is still very early.