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8 years after 3200 UGraft FUE Hair Transplantation by Dr U Hair loss progression


The video above illustrates the subject of hair loss progression after hair transplants poignantly. Since hair loss is progressive, often time additional surgery is required to catch up with the effects of time at a later date. Importantly, it highlights what credible hair transplant clinics and doctors should discuss with all hair transplant patients at the time of first consultation. The patient should be given the full picture so they are able to make a rational decision with their long term interests and goals in mind. The younger the patient is at the time of surgery, the more time should be spent on this aspect of the consultation due to their unpredictable hair loss progression course. Read more about Dr U’s approach to hair transplantation in younger patients <a href="“https://www.dermhairclinic.com/fue-hair-restoration-for-young-patients/”">here.

After reconciling with the aforementioned variables discussed with Dr U for younger individuals, the patient in the video received 3200 grafts 8 years ago at the age of 26 from the nape area to restore receded temples and reconstruct his hairline.

After 8 years, the patient told Dr U he’s still thrilled at the impact the surgery has had in the 8 years since his surgery, according to the patients’ own words in the video. He inquired about doing a touch up surgery within a year or 2 to catch up with his hair loss progression. The following photos illustrate the patient’s visits with Dr. U, including his incredible results after the initial surgery and how he looks and feels about it all today.

The photos below show his progress over an 8 year span.

His original surgery added hair to his temples and advanced his hairline. All hair transplant surgeries are done with the understanding that touch up surgery will most likely be needed further down the road.

8 years ago, Dr. U performed his FUE Shave Test to determine whether the patient’s nape hair would make a suitable donor area. The patient was deemed eligible, which ensured incredible results.

After 8 years, however, this patient’s new and old hair were creating a noticeable divide. Dr. U was able to perform touch up surgery to correct the imperfections and restore the patient’s confidence.

See the patient’s progress and transformation through 8 years here: