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8 Months In, Very Dissatisfied

I’m 7.5 months from when I had 2500 grafts placed in the “frontal forelock”. I’ve heard I should have most of the results at this point but I feel like I would need literally twice the density to be able to do anything with it without fibers. The only way I can go out with my hair styled up is to put hair fibers in it. Otherwise I have to style it down. This is so much worse than I expected. Is there any hope for it at this point?

You should post some before and after pictures. Your photo doesn’t show much. It takes 6-12 months for the grafts to start growing and then another 6 months or longer for the hairs to mature and thicken up.

You should be disappointed.

Sure, it’s possible that you will get some more growth, but in my experience, given the growth you have had, it’s not likely a second phase of growth will suddenly happen.

Name the doctor.

Man, im really heart broken for you. Im in similar situation or worse situation but you have every right to be disappointed. Most likely will need a very careful revision. If that is what it looks like indoors in dim light then in direct sunlight or office lights it is probably more distinct.

Get multiple consults by multiple doctors to get a feel of what is required to fix this now. At this point, toppik it and let the area heal for another 6-8 months before you jump in any surgical chair.

I hope things really work out for you as i know how painful this is. Im trying to get out of a situation myself and it is extremely frustrating. Best wishes to you.

Hair seems to be longer but there are same issues. Angulation of hairs and lack of density in areas. Have you reached out to doctor about this and what was their response? Who was the doctor? Was it a known doctor on forums? Hope this resolves for you.

You look a little thin in the area you have shown in your photo. It wouldn’t take much to balance it out if it stays that way. Besides that spot, your density looks fairly good.

You should post some before and after pictures, one near to another

He was probably a norwood 3 with receding hairline and temple recessions, you can almost tell how the doctor tried to fill in the temple areas but with very disappointing yield.

Pumped, hows it lookin now? Hope it looks better.

Looks the same. I can make it look good with fibers but the fibers are required. I have my one year post-op tomorrow.

@Pumped340 did you get this done in one of the turkish clinics?

No, it’s actually a well known guy in the U.S.

I’ll be getting a touch up in a month or two