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7000 FUE grafts over 2 days


Here is an example of the treatments we are doing most of the time these days.

Monday and Tuesday we treated 2 patients. 1 Patient received 4000 grafts over 2 days and the other patient 3000 grafts over 2 days.

Patient 1 : 3000 grafts to fill up gaps left by previous strip surgery and improve density

Patient 2 :
Nw 6 class patient that was happy to go for low density

Pictures taken immediatelly after the sessions ended.

We treat in 2 consecutive days in order to have to grafts back inside the scalp within 10-11 hours. Also it is too uncomfartable for patients to sit in the chair for more than 12 hours.

In both sessions the transections where less then 1 percent.

As for our team we can truly offer large sessions without any loss of quality, consistantly.



That title is a just a little bit misleading hey?


ยป That title is a just a little bit misleading hey?

no before pics. Patient one had 4000 but the pic says three thousand. The tittle is misleading. No after photos. What was the point of this? It is best to hold back until there are some results and definitely to show before pics of SOME sort!!!