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5600 grafts 0 – 6.5 months in 2 hair transplants – Class 6 patient – HDC Hair Clinic


This is a Norwood class 6 patient that wanted to cover his whole baldness with adequate and realistic density. HDC advised him that in order to achieve his goal, 3 sessions will be needed. One for the front, one for the top and one for the crown. The main reason why not to extract all the grafts in one go is for preserving the donor in a good condition to be able to extract the maximum number of grafts from this donor without visible depletion.

So here he is after two sessions and 5600 grafts in just 6.5 months after the 2nd session.

The details of the hair transplants are as below:
FUE1 on 11-11-15 for 2850 grafts
FUE2 on 05-12-16 for 2750 grafts
Total 5600 grafts.

We are waiting for photos with result. But anyway, we could get some in HDC Clinic when he comes for his 3rd hair transplant on the crown.

Our comment is that, for a class 6 patient with good donor, there is the possibility to cover the whole area with average density like in this case if the donor and the extracted grafts are well managed.




Immediately after 2850 grafts

Immediately after 2750 grafts

6.5 Months after second session




Front and hairline look great, how many grafts do you think he will need in order to cover the crown?