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4000 grafts strip- hdc medical


Hello everybody,

Below you can see the progress of a 4000 graft Strip procedure performed by HDC’'s medical team.

The final result photos were taken 8 months after the procedure




Nice, i like how the hairline is not too thick, just the right amount of density and not overdone.


the top needs to blend into the sides a little better.


there’s crown picture?
How many graft in each region?


Big improvement.

Good approach, too. I’m sure he could “live with” his current results, but another round and he’d definitely be done - must be a nice position to be in. The thing that always puts me off transplants is getting a big HT then thinking, “I only have another round left and I need 2 or 3 or 4 to not look weird.” With one go he’s got a noticeable improvement, and those additional grafts he’s got left are just gravy…


His head will look very thin and unsatisfactory within five years because you can tell that this gentleman is going to go completely bald in the areas he was thinning. Its the one thing I DO NOT like about transplants- That once you get one procedure done,you become locked in for life. If you dont keep getting another procedure every few years,the balding creeps back up and sure enough,you look really bad again. Frustrating for these poor guys I bet. I am NOT bashing this guys transplant. I just feel bad that it is now 2011,there are so many companies that have been saying the cure will be here in just two more years…since the year 2000 !!! Transplants just arent enough and if you only get one,your just kidding yourself. Know what I mean? One last thing.im surprised just a tiny bit that this guy has 4,000 grafts,with all his natural hair still mixed in,it looks ok for now but when that thinning hair finally dissapears,I think that 4,000 wont look so thick. I still wish you all the best.


^^^ you are right on justin

HT are a double edged sword. Once you have one, you are on a treadmill. The irony of transplant are that the later on in life you have it, the better.

This is why I advocate taking propecia / avodart all the time. Especially after a transplant. Last thing you want is for your hair to just fall out after a transplant and then you have a bigger problem than just MPB.

Where is the damn cure ??? I’m so sick of waiting on researchers dragging their feet.