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4 Things to look for before choosing a procedure


Be sure to review a physician’s results PRIOR to booking an appointment. Lighting is a very important factor to look for in these before and after photos. By manipulating the lighting it is possible to make someone appear as they have less hair, or even balding, by using a very intense lighting in the “before” image. Then subsequently, making the lighting darker in the after image would give the impression of having more, thicker, and coarser, hair. In addition, always try to search for someone with the same type of hair that you have to compare what your results might look like.
Always make sure to check the physician’s reviews on the forums. This is a better way to gain a true grasp of their actual performance and client satisfaction. It wouldn’t be in the best interest or beneficial for the physician to place any negative comments on their own website or promotional materials.
There are doctors that perform procedures to merely make money instead of actually being concerned about improving their patient’s lives. They will have a tendency to over graft transplants as opposed to taking a medical treatment approach when the medical treatment approach is a far better solution. Younger men will desire to build the hairline where it would not look natural and even possibly awkward on a patient of 50. This is due to the fact that as we age, all hairlines naturally recede.
A physician that has been performing for only 1 to 3 years would not be able to offer the same quality of work that a physician that has been performing the procedure for 10 years or more. In order for someone to become a true professional, it takes many thousands of hours of practice, upwards of 10,000 hours or more. We have been performing these procedures for 15 years where most have only started around 2010 or later. Be wary of websites that have recommended physicians. There are many good physicians on these. However, there are also mediocre and bad (otherwise known as “butchers”) physicians. Their clinics are not inspected for quality control, experience, or performance. This is due to the physician paying to become a member and then becomes a “recommended” physician. The standards for recommended physicians are dropping. This is due to an increase in the technicians performing the entire procedure as opposed to the physicians. In parts of the world and even some states in the U.S., it is not mandatory for the physician to perform hair restoration. This is extremely worrisome as a technician that has ZERO experience would be able to perform your surgery in other clinics.

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Consultations are an excellent way to get a better idea of who would be doing the procedure, how much you might need, and what types of transplantation would suit you the best for your specific type of hair loss. Dr Cole at PHTC in Atlanta is the worlds leading innovator in FUE transplanting. Having unique tools and techniques he invented and patented as well as having done transplants since 1990 and his FUE techniques since 2003. His office does consults on a daily basis.