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3500 grafts head and beard FUE Hair Transplant - Dr U


This patient had previously underwent surgery at a different facility before seeing Dr. U. His hair was still thin and he was left with a surgery scar on the back of his head. Dr. U gave the patient a UGraft FUE Hairline Transplant for the best results.

A video of the case is shown below at the bottom of this page:

In the video above, the patient describes how a hair surgery sales person was unaware that he had even received any type of surgery.

1226 grafts of head and nape hair
2293 grafts of beard hair

After only 12 months, the patient was fully healed and extremely pleased with his results. The hairline was reconstructed to create a more natural and fuller appearance. Dr. Umar added density overall to the patient’s head hair and a more natural and seamless hairline transition that improved the patient’s overall hair aesthetic. The patient described his experience as “under stated and over delivered.”

Find out more about the patient’s transformation here:
[S=Dr. U Ugraft Hairline Transformation using Nape and Beard hair.]https://www.dermhairclinic.com/fue-hairline-transplant-refinement-using-nape-hair-ugraft/[/S]


There was a small error on the above post. Here is the link to the article:
Dr. U Transforms patient’s hairline using UGraft FUE Hairline Surgery


Nice work…

Side note: I must say the doctor has the best smile in the industry…
I can’t help chuckle when I seen his pic… cheers