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2771 grafts with interesting story... Hairtech


This is a great story. This woman before transplant wore a wig to cover her hairloss. She was married and to her husband who completely adored her. She never showed him her hairloss. She thought that if he saw her, that he would look at her differently. This couple was the type that if one was to pass away, the other would pass shortly there after. The kind of love we all wish for.

Well she came to us, received a transplant, and even while it was growing in she still wore a wig. Her hair gradually filled in and she finally did shed the wig. When she came back for a follow-up months later, did she finally sit in front of our computer and showed her husband her pre-op pictures.


Very nice story and pics, hairtech :wink:

One question- who was the doc?



Oops it was Dr. Harris


ยป Oops it was Dr. Harris

ive never heard of him but it looks like nice work.