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2550 FUE Result – 0 to 8 months – 6 days post op – HDC Hair Clinic

This 29-year-old patient wanted to restore the front triangle of his thinning hair.
We have noticed that his front turf was coming too low, so we lifted the hairline above the turf triangle, in order to get a natural result over time.
HDC Medical team placed 2550 grafts to cover this area and you can see the final result.
Our doctor Christina Vrionidou was responsible for this case.
In this result presentation we also demonstrate the recipient and donor post op and 6 days after in order to see how clean the area in just 6 days is.
The clean and no scarring donor is due to punching with correct pattern which is distributed over the whole back area. Hence clear post and no sign of surgery in the donor 6 months after as per picture below.
In this video you can see why post operation care is important and how you should look for 0 to 10 days after FUE surgery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huPLNp-Sy8c&t


Immediately after

6 Days after

Donor 6 Months after

8 Months after