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2233 FUE Dr. Poswal


I had a 2,233 FUE procedure preformed by Dr. A.

Dr. A is without a doubt a skilled HT Doctor. I’ve been researching HT’s for just over 2years, finally when I got fed up with not getting the results I wanted from alternative treatments and grew enough balls (as I hate needles) to commit to the procedure I booked a date with him after an online consultation.

He was booked just under a year in advance so this has been on the burner for awhile now, it was good for me mentally, to prepare myself, for what I thought was going to be a painful experience.

I had booked a 3,000 FUHT procedure originally with him, but on my initial consultation Feb. 16th, we were talking about options, and I was not fond of having a scar on the back of my head, as I prefer to wear a high skin fade haircut. So together we decided FUE was the way to go.

Let me break down how I feel Dr. A and his clinic rank, as I have had 3 other HT consults with some of the most well respected HT doctors in NY.

  1. Dr. A’s is without a doubt very skilled and if I yield the amount of graph expectancy I should I wouldn’t think there is anything I could complain about.
  2. Pain of procedure 1 (close to none amazing)
  3. Staff help and work ethic 10
  4. Advice and suggestions 10 (he tells you the TRUTH!, not what you want to hear!)
  5. Clinic cleanliness 10
  6. Medical equipment I cant gauge, I never look at any of the doctors dentists ect I go to, but I would imagine everything is up to date.

Dr. A said he would post pics, they are to follow shortly.


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