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21 Male, need advice for my hair

hello guys
I am having a really a bad hairfall from last seven years i tried different remedy and i found that massaging my scalp and completely avoiding chemical product for my head stop my hairfall…
So i started doing that after 2 year of heavy hairfall that i ignored initially but this process take time i mean like preparing your own shampoo for yourself and massaging your head before going to bed 3 times a week and so on… So every year i am able to follow this routine like 3-4 months and rest 8-9 month my hair falls like a rain but someday ago i inspected my hairline and i found it awfully destructed my heart is broken now and thus i decided to follow my routine seriously and punctually & again my hair fall is stable now.
I have few questions that i would like to ask—
1.How bad it is now?
2.What norwood i am in?
3.If this routine is working for me should i stick to it or shld start taking min/fins?
4.when i massage my head i see 4-5 hairs and when i take shower 2-3 hairs falling down, is it normal? & my routine working?
5.What about having hair transplant to correct my hairline?

You can get a number of conflicting answers and none of them may be wrong.

Here is what I would do if I were you.

  1. Yes, get on propecia. Buy the 5 grams pills and get a pill splitter. Take a quarter every other day. Also, take pumpkin seed oil capsules. Use minox twice a day, even on the front.

  2. It is actually normal to lose many more than 5 hairs a day. That’s normal shedding as the hair goes into its dormant phase. When they don’t grow back is when you have hair loss. Keep massaging your scalp. Move the skin, do not rub across the hairs.

  3. You have a lot of hair. Whether to get a transplant or not at this time really depends on how much your receding hairline bothers you. At 21, I would take a wait and see approach. See if the propecia and pumpkin seed oil and minox are working - either by stabilizing or actually regrowing your hair. In 4-5 years, make a decision about a hair transplant. By then, you will be in a better position to use your resources, i.e., donor hair, more wisely.

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Thankyou so much for your reply,
Yes i will keep doing massage and will hold up myself for 5-6 year for thinking about transplant.
One more thing i want to ask you, what’s yoir opinion on topical mino+fina(mor.F) as i am hesitating taking oral fina considering it’s potential side…!!

I never tried the topical mino + fina and never researched it… I was fortunate that I never had side effects from ingesting the fina… years ago when I first started mino I had a reaction to that and stopped using it, and when I tried it again, I had no reaction…

I really don’t think you have lost heavy hair. It looks normal and not even like thin. However, take care of using good oils that contain higher amounts of aloe vera, almonds, and arnica.

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Do you have itching ?
Can we see pictures of the crown, rear and donor area ?!
Do you have daily exposure to sun ? if yes, how many hours ?!


Many have done it with creams such as Peniclin, anti-biotic creams. But, would you answer my old question please ?

Also, can you ask your doctor about potential use of Olive oil or Almond oil as an Excipient for Finasteride.


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