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2010 and the need for formal HT training


Dear forum readers (including doctors who wish to enter the field of hair transplant),
I can not stress the need for formal, comprehensive and long training program before embarking on performing hair transplants.

Its 2010. This patient, while not representative, is still an oft seen scenario.

I hope the pictures acheive what speeches may not. It is bad to inflict such harm on fellow human beings, whether by acts of commission or omission.

Good HT doctors are as much to blame for this situation as newbie “cowboy” doctors. Because, inspite of the chance to improve the field, they prefer to keep a lid on the formal HT training courses. 2 day or 2 week courses are not the answer. Thats like crumbs from the dining table. Worse then nothing…
One does not become an eye surgeon by attending a 2 day workshop.

So, why should a prospective hair transplant surgeon be limited in training options to short term courses and society memberships.

This patient was operated on at some other clinic in 2008 before he visited us for his repair.

We performed his repair procedure in 2010 using a combination of scalp and beard grafts.
Before pictures

I look forward to your advise and suggestions on how to get rid of this situation. You are all experts in your own field. Does not matter that it is not medicine or ht. You can make a difference by giving your input on future training programs for doctors. Not because you are a doctor, but because you have gone through a training program.

I would rather not see a single human being in a similar predicament. I would rather not see a single doctor perform such so called “hair transplants” because he didn’t know better.

Dr. A


Its bad to see this type of result in 2008.

Its true that there is need of training of hair transplant surgery.
If a person is learning to how to drive a car,then he can not learn in one day or by studying the components of a car eg clutch,accelerator,gears.

First of all,its duty of all HT expert doctors all over the world to improve atmosphere of HT industry ,not only just by updating their HT results  to reach at top position.

There should be regular HT course of one year after MBBS in which only emphasis on practical ,and after completing that course, degree of HT in MS or PG Diploma in HT surgery should be given .Then that person should be able to perform surgery.


If a MBBS person is able to show at least 10 cases of good hair transplant results under training of HT expert doctor ,then that doctor should be certified to do hair transplant.

If a doctor is giving 50 percent worst cases of HT Surgery in a year,then his licence should be banned for two years.

HT Education given on the Net as By you is good which can be cashed by every learning phase doctor or any person.Its a good approach to distribute their knowledge for the welfare of others.It should be more improved and promoted in CD format, that can be purchase by any learning Doctor or individual on their interest from your website.

There should hair transplant council in every country ,which can give comment on hair transplant results of patients ,so that on his/her will patient can go tho consumer court for judgement as in above case result.Because no one doctor want to give in writing from their side the result of other doctor even he/she knows results are bad.

Finally all Expert HT doctors after discussing should make rules and Hair transplant policies which should be passed and implemented by government.


This was done this year?


» This was done this year?

The plugs were placed in 2008.
But I meet patients on whom such procedures, and worse, are performed even in 2010 by untrained doctors.