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2008.......My Year


Thanks for all your help over the last two weeks Ive joined here. Going to get an appointment with Dr Bisanga in Brussels to put my mind at rest once and for all.

At the age of 42 and lost all my hair at front from a very early age (circa 21yo) its never started to grey and its not a bald spot totally, probably 10/15% covering in between my real head of hair at back and sides. Ive also got lots anf lots of very fine vellus hair and keep it all shaven but would love to just have it transformed to about 30/40% coverage in thinning areas. Im hoping around 2000/2500 FUE grafts will sort it for me and intend to keep it shaven after surgery. Will keep you all posted how may Consultation goes.

All the best for 2008 and thanks again for being able to share my chat with people in similar position. Its not a vanity thing its more about self confidence.