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1 Year Anniversary CIT result


Attached are photos of a patient who suffered a class 4 to potentially a class 5 hair loss pattern. This patient perused our clinic to obtain coverage on the front for a mature hair line. The difference in hair color of Salt-n-Pepper to dark brown is due to the application of permanent hair dye which allows better visibility on the donor area. This patient has an extremely fine caliber of hair. His donor area was at a density of 210/cm2 and is above average density with 90 follicular units per square centimeter. The placement of the 2800 CIT grafts was at a lower density and consistent to his age. The hairline was lowered just approx. one inch in consideration of future hair loss. Approx. 1500 grafts were place on the front/vertex.

At 57 years of age, his result is most appealing and he only wishes to maintain what has been achieved after his only hair transplant. Video of this patient will soon be released to show all angles of his new growth. Please stay tuned.


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