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1,112 Grafts - Help needed. Too few for thicker hairline? Before & after


Hi, this is my first post and am freaking out a little. Maybe buyers remorse or maybe just feeling I have had too few implants to get desired results and am worried it’s going to look terrible when it grows out.

So I had a FUE procedure about 3 weeks ago to strengthen my hairline. I’ve been on Fin & Minox for about a year and a half now and had good results in thickening what I had but wanted my front filled in.

I had 2000 hairs or 1100 grafts in the front but now feel I was short at least 500 extra grafts and am worried my hairline is going to look weak and obvious I’ve had a procedure.

Would like to get some experienced views on it to put my mind at rest. I am already thinking I’m going to have to go back to get more once this has grown out as it’s going to look wirey at best.



Doesn’t look like anything near 2000 hairs but some may have fallen out already… you can do nothing now but wait about a year to see how it looks and then decide if you need more grafts…


Who was your doctor? I don’t think they placed enough grafts and the hairline is not likely to be very “soft” from what I can tell. You will probably need another pass.