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Yeap, another option - Hair Loss Treatment Way 316606



A commercially produced minoxidil/finasteride solution is available and at a reasonable price. It can be found here:


I have never purchased it, so cannot comment on the product itself but the company selling it is reliable.


If WAY 316606 is officially approved for a valid medical reason and it can be prescribed off-label by physicians, then group buys could be coordinated and it could be mixed into that minox/finasteride solution. I would recommend starting with a very small amount, though, to establish a baseline.


Hairsite, there are a few things to consider with way 316606 compounding.

  1. It has to be 5% solution.

“Alternatively, this new compound is quite selective in the pathways it targets. In fact, 2 μM its shown to inhibit SFRP1 by about 40%, but its relatives (SFRP2 and SFRP5) are only inhibited at 5% and 2%, respectively. “

  1. I think the best volume would be 60ml bottle. As it is usually a monthly supply with pretty much every topical in this field of cosmetics. I wouldn’t mind buying a batch of three bottles to help cover the costs.

  2. Minoxidil is not a good carrier because it contains tiny amount of purified water. This substance is not water soluble. So it has to be medical alcohol, perhaps mixed with some glycol. Not sure about DMSO.

  3. I think it is better to avoid mixing it with minoxidil or finasteride altogether. Two reasons:

a) those ingredients might reduce each others effect,
b) we will not find out which one is actually having effect, minoxidil, finasteride or way 316606???

I think for a start it’s better to go with just way 316606.


Otter, are those solution concentrations or the amount by which the compounds inhibit their target enzymes?


I can’t find a full article any more. But because this substance is a non-immunosuppressive agent, I think anything between 2% and 5% will be safe. You don’t have to apply it twice a day. For a start every second day.